TSK x Bathing Beauteas Review


So we’ve all probably heard of Lush bath bombs by now…but what about tea baths? My friend Nadya sent me a sample of the “Pomegranate Persephone” tea bath from her startup team Bathing Beauteas to try out. Check out my thoughts on it!

So I was born with, unfortunately, highly-reactive and sensitive skin. I’m even allergic to a common skincare chemical called–wait for it–Methylisothiazolinone. I know, it took me a while to memorize that but I had to! This is my reason for choosing more natural and organic skincare products. Ergo, the Bathing Beauteas tea bath truly piqued my interests! So, I decided to run my bath and give it a go!

(Here’s the back of the lovely packaging, by the way, for reference)


My very first impression of Bathing Beauteas was that the packaging felt very high-quality. I was told by the BB team  themselves that they intentionally curate their ingredients from a high-quality AND local source. That’s exactly what people look for in a “spa-type” product. I mean, let’s be real. If you’re going to be pampering yourself, you ain’t gonna be looking around the dollar store for a quick-fix.

Upon opening the package, I immediately got a generous whiff of sweet and fruity pomegranate tea.The tea bath bag is essentially a giant bag of tea. There’s also an ever so light hint of sweet mint-y freshness as well. Another notable ingredient in this product is definitely the epsom salt which is, as many of you probably already know, a body-soothing natural compound (that’s not actually salt) that has many benefits for your body, internally and externally.


After following the directions and getting the product infused into my bath, the tea aroma began to lightly fill the air. I almost wish it was stronger because it smelled so good! The bag in which the tea is contained in is made from a material reminiscent of a loofa, so I loved using this sweet-smelling tea loofa to gently exfoliate my skin. When I finished my bath, my body felt ultra relaxed and less wound up–the perfect end to a long day of work.

If you’d like to check out Bathing Beauteas, hop on over to their website for more at-home organic tea baths! 🙂

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