TSK Goes Behind-The-Scenes of Lisa Marie Couture


I recently had the amazing opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of Chance Fashion’s photoshoot with Lisa Marie Couture Design. Come and take an inside look with me!

It was an unusually sunny and beautiful spring day here in Seattle. (I’ve really learned to cherish days like this as a transplanted Californian) So I found myself in the lively Belltown district of Seattle standing in the most adorably vintage-looking apartment. Stunning fabrics and sewing materials spanned the room as hints of soft sunlight peered in.


I was greeted by Shiboney of 2ManuallyFocus who was the photographer who invited me to the shoot. Leaned over the mannequin working on a gorgeous, princess-like skirt was the one and only Lisa Marie. She let me tour her sewing room where her creations come to life, and let me tell you guys–she is so talented! Her beautifully elegant gowns caught my wandering eyes in a snap. The best way to describe her designs can be summed up into one phrase which I will directly quote from Lisa, “overly feminine, not girly.” And it totally werks! (Yes, I meant werks not works)


While all the gorgeous dresses around me satisfied my hunger for fashion, my hunger for food started to get at me. Luckily, some kind soul brought everyone a box of bagels and cream cheese to go around!


During my quick snack break, I took my curiosities back over to Lisa’s sewing station, aka her creative conduit for translating her designs into reality. These drawings below are Lisa’s current projects which include concepts based on natural beings such as trees and even barnacles! I just love seeing the conception of creative works firsthand. It makes me wish that the doodles on my notes could be up to the same par!


All this while, Lisa was doing all three models’ makeup and hair herself. I love that, this way, the designer retains full, hands-on control of how her designs are portrayed.



The back on this dress exposed the model’s tattoo beautifully! I feel like this embodies the grunge aesthetic of Seattle perfectly.


Lisa putting the finishing touches on the model’s veil. Always hands-on!

Edit-9 Edit-10 Edit-11

Edit-13 Edit-14

This dress has a partner dress. Both were specially made by Lisa Marie for a mother and daughter pairing called “Handing Down the Bridal Tradition.” My favorite part about Lisa Marie’s concepts is that she creates them based on narrative stories which she writes herself.


Some of her stories are handwritten on canvases that are up on her wall. Her apartment is so full of inspo!

I feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of Lisa Marie’s latest photoshoot. Her couture dresses are absolutely stunning in person! I just love that her own unique and personal touch is always apparent throughout all of her designs. Lisa Marie is such a sweet, lively, and inspiring Seattle-grown designer, and if you’re interested in checking out more of her designs just hop on over to www.lisamariecouture.com!


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