DRY Sparkling Published Work Portfolio

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How A Group of UW Students Pioneered the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Hackathon Scene

By Katrina Odfina

WASHINGTON — Two years ago, a group of UW students who double as coding enthusiasts decided to start a hackathon on the UW campus. Little did they know, they were creating what would soon be known as the largest collegiate hackathon in the Pacific Northwest, or, as it is more commonly called, DubHacks. Continue reading “How A Group of UW Students Pioneered the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Hackathon Scene”

I’m published in CollegeFashionista!

Hello and welcome! The following articles are writing samples I am including in my portfolio that were published online during my time as a Style Guru Intern with CollegeFashionista from Fall 2014 to Spring 2015. I created the writing as well as photography content using Adobe Lightroom as a photo-editing software.

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Audio Interview: Joining the Peace Corps as a Post-Grad

Interested in joining the Peace Corps? Listen to this interview I did with Kolbi Monasmith, a soon-to-be UW graduate who will be leaving for the South Africa for the Peace Corps in July this 2016.

Kolbi Monasmith has had a longstanding passion for making life sweeter for humanity, literally and metaphorically.

Not many people can say that they switched occupations from managing a candy store full-time to teaching impoverished children for the Peace Corps in rural South Africa like Monasmith. She’s a native to Tacoma with a knack for double tasking as she has been studying Political Science and Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington in Seattle. Since she is frequently in downtown working as the assistant manager of Candy Tyme, she has had longtime exposure to people of lower socioeconomic status such as the homeless population.

However, her interest in humanitarian aid didn’t start there, but actually back in high school when she chose human trafficking as her topic for her school white paper project. What’s more is that now she has gained some serious customer learning experience after working 4 years at the candy shop. Combine this with her blooming passion for humanitarian aid and nonprofit work and one will find that it is no wonder that she was accepted to join the Peace Corps.

UW Phi Sigma Pi Goes to Olympia

For my COM 360 class, we were assigned to practice taking journalistic photos and creating cutlines. So, I took my handy DSLR on my honors fraternity’s trip to the capital of Washington, Olympia. Though this is little different from my posts, I thought it would be fun to share. Here’s what I came up with!

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[Kollaboration.org] Meet JETT, Kollaboration Seattle 5’s Winner



Originally published on Kollaboration.org; Written by Katrina Odfina; Edited by Aaron Yeung

Meet JETT, our grand prize winner of Kollaboration Seattle 5, or as she is known outside of her musical career, Bridget Hermano.

You may remember JETT and her lovely voice from the Top 40 of American Idol season 12, where she represented the API community and her hometown, Seattle.  Within the API community, she’s also performed with fellow API artist and former Kollaboration guest alumnus Jeremy Passion during his 2012 tour in Seattle.

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