Welcome to my blog! My sweet, humble internet abode for all my creative urges and, well, whatever else comes to mind.

My name is Katrina and I’m a certified internet addict. My blogging addiction started on Tumblr but I later realized that starting my own domain was a much better medium for putting forth the things I wanted to post (but Tumblr will always be in my teenage heart).

In this blog, you can hope to find posts on travel, fashion, skincare, makeup, and lifestyle. Writing is a passion and hobby of mine, and my greatest hope is for my writing to help inspire you all in some way as well.

♡ Kat

For inquiries contact TheStreetKat@gmail.com

IG: @thestreetkat

Twitter: @thestreetkat

FB: facebook.com/thestreetkat

YouTube: youtube.com/user/Trinuhhh

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