Shades of Grey


I see Fifty Shades of Grey…and clouds of white~


DSC_0474 DSC_0387     DSC_0450


Photos by MSL Photography 

So I recently saw Fifty Shades of Grey, and, all immature sex jokes aside, the acting and unconventional studio romance aspect of the movie were honestly impressive. But, that could also be my inner Once Upon A Time fangirl rooting for Jamie Dornan! So, as a tribute to the Fifty Shades series, I was inspired to create this outfit.

Minimalistic, sporty pieces were all the rage at New York Fashion Week last week, so when I copped this crop top at Buffalo Exchange I was so stoked. It’s super comfy and perfect for layering! So for some extra warmth, I threw on this grey speckled coat by Frenchi.

For bottoms, I wore my totally worn-out disco pants by American Apparel. I’ve had these babies for nearly 3 years now, and, to be honest, I’ve neglected them a lot lately. Years ago, I used to wear these literally every day! So now I’ve brought them back, and I feel like they really add a super sleek look to the outfit. Since I have short legs, I decided to streamline this by pairing it with my black Chelsea boots by Dizzy.

This outfit is perfect on a chilly winter day in the Pacific Northwest. I love layering up sweaters and coats because it keeps me super warm! Sometimes all this layering can get a little bulky on the top, so shimmying into a pair of skinny pants or leggings gives that perfect touch to balance it all out. Playing with varying shades of a color also adds great depth and can really pull everything together into one, solid outfit.

4 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

    1. Thank you love! ❤ I absolutely love grey too! It definitely is a great go-to color. And it took me 3 years to get it to this length so thank you again! x) I love your hair as it is right now! Shorter to medium-length hair is super trendy these days! ^_^


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