Dupin it out: Zara Zip Parka

So I’ve been coveting the Zara Zip Parka with leather sleeves for what feels like AGES and after much searching I’ve come to the conclusion that they may never restock these babies ever again. Wah 😦 I couldn’t even find it on the online store! I had to find it through an external link and it said every single size was oos. People have been making posts about them for weeks so I’m assuming they’ve been oos for a while. I’m leaving for college soon and I really just want to take one with me when I go! SO to satisfy my craving I delved a little further into the depths of google and found a pretty good dupe for the Zara Zip Parka!


Basically the only differences between this and the Zara Zip Parka are that this jacket has less gold hardware (although it does have two gold zippers!) and it lacks the total “cool factor” oversized/flappy collar of the Zip Parka. However they both do have a cinched waist-line which gives a very feminine accent in contrast to this utilitarian jacket.
Nevertheless, the main look I was going for was a leather-sleeve, long, olive-colored jacket so I’m pretty happy with this! Hey it beats the Zara Zip Parkas being sold on Ebay for $400………….This Nordstrom’s leather-sleeve utility jacket cost $75 including tax (Nordstrom’s does free-shipping). Anyways, now I’m just waiting for this baby to come in the mail!

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