Road trip to VanCity


I call this one: “the first clothes I grabbed out of my travel bag”

Kidding! Well, kind of. I woke up early in the morning to drive to Vancouver and ended up getting a little sidetracked along the way with the Tulalip Premium Outlet mall and let me just say–complete bliss! Unfortunately I was with my parents and we were supposed to meet up with some relatives in Canada so I resisted the urge to drop mad money and we continued on our way after only spending a short while there. I actually started out wearing my (all-time favorite) acid wash Brandy Melville muscle tee which I totally abuse and wear multiple times a week. Hey, I can’t help it that it’s so versatile! Monochromatic clothing has definitely been the style I’ve been feeling lately. It’s just so easy and simple yet classy and chic! But back to the point, I started out with the shirt and my Nike yoga skinny pants because I started the day so early and I just knew I’d be cramped in a car for a long time. Once we were crossed over into Canada, I grabbed out this asymmetrical, steam-clean white Zara skirt (which, believe it or not, my uber-fashionable mama got me) and swapped the Free Runs I was wearing for my (also-abused and worn daily) Chloé dupe booties. I also kept some of my favorite jewelry pieces in my purse so I slapped on a chunky braided silver bracelet and the Tiffany’s necklace my boyfriend got me. This is why I love black and white outfit combos! Plain black and white pieces provide enough of a contrast that you don’t need fancy accessories and elaborate pieces to look put-together. This is definitely a go-to style for an on-the-go lifestyle! 

Dupin it out: Zara Zip Parka

So I’ve been coveting the Zara Zip Parka with leather sleeves for what feels like AGES and after much searching I’ve come to the conclusion that they may never restock these babies ever again. Wah 😦 I couldn’t even find it on the online store! I had to find it through an external link and it said every single size was oos. People have been making posts about them for weeks so I’m assuming they’ve been oos for a while. I’m leaving for college soon and I really just want to take one with me when I go! SO to satisfy my craving I delved a little further into the depths of google and found a pretty good dupe for the Zara Zip Parka!


Basically the only differences between this and the Zara Zip Parka are that this jacket has less gold hardware (although it does have two gold zippers!) and it lacks the total “cool factor” oversized/flappy collar of the Zip Parka. However they both do have a cinched waist-line which gives a very feminine accent in contrast to this utilitarian jacket.
Nevertheless, the main look I was going for was a leather-sleeve, long, olive-colored jacket so I’m pretty happy with this! Hey it beats the Zara Zip Parkas being sold on Ebay for $400………….This Nordstrom’s leather-sleeve utility jacket cost $75 including tax (Nordstrom’s does free-shipping). Anyways, now I’m just waiting for this baby to come in the mail!