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Heart to Heart IV

I guess it goes without saying that I’ve been MIA for a while.

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Audio Interview: Joining the Peace Corps as a Post-Grad

Interested in joining the Peace Corps? Listen to this interview I did with Kolbi Monasmith, a soon-to-be UW graduate who will be leaving for the South Africa for the Peace Corps in July this 2016.

Kolbi Monasmith has had a longstanding passion for making life sweeter for humanity, literally and metaphorically.

Not many people can say that they switched occupations from managing a candy store full-time to teaching impoverished children for the Peace Corps in rural South Africa like Monasmith. She’s a native to Tacoma with a knack for double tasking as she has been studying Political Science and Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington in Seattle. Since she is frequently in downtown working as the assistant manager of Candy Tyme, she has had longtime exposure to people of lower socioeconomic status such as the homeless population.

However, her interest in humanitarian aid didn’t start there, but actually back in high school when she chose human trafficking as her topic for her school white paper project. What’s more is that now she has gained some serious customer learning experience after working 4 years at the candy shop. Combine this with her blooming passion for humanitarian aid and nonprofit work and one will find that it is no wonder that she was accepted to join the Peace Corps.