My New Year’s Resolution

2014 has consisted of so much growing up and self-evaluation. The years just seem to go by faster than I realize! It drives me absolutely crazy just how quick time flies and things change. While I can’t say I’m that sad to see 2014 go, I am unbelievably excited for what’s to come in 2015. I mean, come on, I’m seeing ONE DIRECTION in concert this year! (!!!!!!!!) I’ll also be having my long-awaited 21st birthday, solidifying my degree, finally getting to be home for the summer, and much, much more. Even though, in reality, tomorrow is just another day, it is always a great motivating place-marker for anyone seeking a rejuvenation in their life plans. So, to kick start the new year, here’s a countdown of my three main goals for 2015!

3. Go to the gym more.

Not necessarily for the clichéd purpose of working out since I’ve been dancing every week anyway, but because I miss running and that “runner’s high” I always got from doing cross country in high school. It releases so many good endorphins! Running by myself and zoning out to a great pump-up playlist is also a great pastime of mine that I regretfully let slip away as college life got busier and busier. I’m definitely going to try to take more advantage of the top-notch fitness facility we have on campus!

2. Strengthen and build my career path.

Now that my college career is past its halfway mark, my degree path has begun to narrow down. This year I’m going to strive to open more doorways for opportunities to advance in my future career endeavors. I want to be able to support myself financially within the next coming years.

1. Make this year about YOU.

Funny to say this but I feel like I have never actively kept up with this at all in my life. In 2015, my number one goal is to consistently build myself to be the best person I can be. My main focus being to seek more independence and control over my emotions and actions. I want to be sure I’m making decisions for myself and being my own person without having to deal with any unnecessary outside pressures. This past quarter, I dealt with some heavy periods of stress that really could’ve been made a lot easier if I had just awarded myself with a little more me-time. I guess I unknowingly became a workaholic and invested a little too much into keeping busy. But regardless, in this new chapter of life, this year is going to be all about the independent woman who works hard for what she wants to achieve and enjoys life while doing so!


Happy New Year, everyone!!


Repurposing Athletic Wear


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La Mode: Fashion Club at UW had their annual clothing swap this past quarter, and, as an officer, I helped gather the remainder of the clothes which didn’t get picked up so we could donate them to Goodwill. Fortunately, one little white pleated tennis skirt happened to catch my eye.


It naturally got picked over because it was seemingly just a piece of a long-lost tennis uniform, so I decided to work it into an outfit that sought to detach the skirt from its relation to tennis. What really drew me to the skirt was the rigidity of its pleated structure. I paired it with some touches of tough (faux) leather, dainty sheer tights, and the like in order to break down the athletic-wear vibe it had.

Sports luxe has been a hot style as of late, and this outfit is like the baby step towards this style. I’ve noticed that more and more people have been taking athletic pieces like tennis skirts, jerseys, and baseball caps and incorporating them into chic street-wear. All in all, I just really love how playful and innovative repurposing athletic wear into everyday fashion can be. I mean, if you’re telling me I can bring back my old sneaker collection again then by all means! Anyone who sees me on a regular basis can definitely tell you that I’m all about the boots, bout the boots, no treble (okay I had to!), so it’s undoubtedly refreshing to step into a pair of sneakers again. If you’re interested in learning more about the sports luxe trend, Net-A-Porter has an awesome, holy grail style guide issue on sports luxe. Without a doubt, this trend is one that has truly piqued my interest, and I am surely going to be exploring more sports luxe in the future!