Review: Tony Moly Cottony Essence Mask in Wine

While I was on vacation in Hawaii a couple months ago, I randomly stumbled upon a Tony Moly store that was right outside the restaurant that I was eating at. I was so eager to go since there was no Tony Moly store near where I live. I picked up an smokey eye eyeshadow trio, but, of course, no Korean skincare store visit is complete without some free samples! For some reason, my skin has been feeling so dry and lifeless lately, so the store assistant gave me their Cottony Essence Mask in Wine to try out. 

The description of the mask says it is an
Irritation-free sheet mask made of 100% pure cotton that locks in essential nutrients on your face for a lasting hydration effect. Containing Wine extract that boosts elasticity and vitality on fatigued skin.” (Tony Moly).

Here’s a list of the pros and cons I found upon wearing the mask : 
  • Leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and more elastic
  • 100% pure cotton sheet feels gentle on skin and really soaked up and contained a lot of the product
  • Irritation-free

  • The mask definitely emits a strong wine smell 
  • There’s a slight sting upon wearing it
  • Not very moisturizing/doesn’t have that “lasting hydration effect”
Rating : 6/10

Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend this mask if you’re on the hunt for a total moisturizing sheet mask. My skin tends to be highly sensitive so if you have sensitive skin be careful, but my skin didn’t get irritated by this mask so it’s probably okay for the most part. The only benefit I really noticed after taking it off was that my skin felt and looked more awake, so if your skin needs some rejuvenation and you can handle a little sting on your face then this mask might benefit you more!