Welcome to my blog! My sweet, humble internet abode for all my creative urges and, well, whatever else comes to mind. And yes, I realize that this blog is a year or so old but I really feel like over the last couple of months I’ve figured out what exactly I intend to do with it. Seeing as how the limited space in the sidebar doesn’t give nearly enough room to properly introduce my blog and everything I put into it, I figured that I should make a formal post about it! 

My name is Katrina and I’m a certified internet addict. I started on Tumblr but realized that Blogspot was a much better medium for putting forth the things I wanted to post (but Tumblr will always be in my teenage heart). In this blog, you can hope to find posts on fashion, skincare, makeup, lifestyle, and, my favorite of all, FOOD! Ootds, deep posts about some things I’ve learned in life thus far, and reviews on products I’ve used are just a few samples of some posts which I’ve already done. Writing is truly a passion of mine, especially writing about the things that I love, and my greatest hope is for my writing to help inspire other people worldwide in any way possible. 

♡ Katrina

Afternoon Dream

Happy birthday to the lovely Jhene Aiko!! She released a new song/video today called “Afternoon Dream” ❤ Love it. Perfect chillout music to get me through finals week.


Truly Madly Deeply distressed yin yang crop top (UO) / DIY high-waisted Levi’s / Studded cross necklace (F21) / Talon bracelet, Spiked bracelet (Ebay) / Gunmetal lattice bracelet, Brown leather bracelet (Gifted)
Saw Linkin Park, Incubus, and Mutemath live on Friday! Surprised there wasn’t too much moshing because the amphitheater was literally PACKED. I shamelessly rocked out to my favorite songs and sang out all the lyrics. Such a great end to the Summer 2012 Concert season ❤

DIY: Studded distressed high-waisted denim shorts

Never thought a pair of shorts could ever have such a long name! This DIY could not be any simpler. I just bought a pair of high-waisted bell-bottom jeans from Savers for $7, hacked it off into shorts, continuously scratched my fabric scissors on each pant leg, washed it to create more distress, and then added some studs I got from for about $6 (that’s including shipping). I really want to make another pair that’s not distressed because to be honest I’m getting a little tired of that trend…plus it looks a lot more crisp without all the snags and rags. Perhaps next summer if it’s still on trend? The PNW isn’t much of a place for shorts….

Not enough buck for my bang?

Aw yes, the ubiquitous JC Litas and Lita Spikes….Tried on these lovelies and they are SO comfy for heels! I’d love to get these in taupe suede or black leather. They’re the perfect platform heel for every day use! You can dress them up, and dress them down. I’m a sucker for lace-up shoes anyway…..Wasn’t able to snag a pair that day though because I’ll be starting college this fall and the expenses just keep piling up. SIGH. One day though…..One day…..Don’t even worry. It’s on my bucket list to own a pair of these! I think it’s time to find a job again…….