Farewell summer

photo credit: Aaron Yeung
editing: yours truly

As the cool fall breeze starts to seep its way into the summer air, all the shorts and crop tops begin to get tucked away to gather dust in our closet. To savor these last bits of summer left, I put together this outfit to celebrate summer fashion and all the fun, memorable times we all had this summer! This uber-bright multicolor crop top brings fun and color to this outfit as a nod to all the bright colors of summer. My white asymmetrical skort from Choies provides the perfect blank canvas to undertone the brightness of the crop top. Simple pieces with unique structures and cuts are a staple in my wardrobe! Pointed shoes are also another favorite of mine (as seen with my worn-daily Chloé dupe boots #noshame). They just look so chic and give any outfit a twinge of sophistication and elegance! I’ve actually been wearing lots of monochromatic outfits lately, but I realized that I should enjoy this season while I can (seeing as how the weather here will soon take a sharp turn downward) and wear more summery colors and styles of clothing!

So, friends, savor the end of summer and wear the heck out of those clothes you can only rock now during this time of the year! 

♡ Katrina

Movie Review : Maybe This Time (2014)

     Today I had the opportunity to watch my very first Tagalog movie in the movie theater. I’ve seen a couple Tagalog movies before but never in a theater setting. It was truly a magical moment of getting back to my roots and witnessing the corny yet heartstring-pulling moments we all love and hate in Asian dramas. I won’t talk much about the story because it’s truly one you should see and experience for yourself. The adorable Sarah Geronimo, the sexy Ruffa Gutierrez, former Miss Philippines, and the studly Coco Martin come together to create an epic love triangle. The story starts out extremely corny and so cliche that it just seems like a Hollywood love story, but then circumstances drive them apart and the story switches up and eases into a more comfortable storyline letting you know love can’t be that perfect so easily and simply. The story not only focuses on their love triangle, but also upon family values and friendship as well. The comic relief comes predominantly from Tonio (Coco Martin)’s gay housekeeper who is so flamboyant and witty I couldn’t help but break down in laughter every time he spoke. From the minute he met Steph (Sarah Geronimo), he knew she had a thing for Tonio and teased the two of them about it. Steph’s friends prove as an added comic relief as well as they naggingly teased her about her past with Tonio. 
     As a huge Sarah Geronimo fan, I’m obviously a little biased but the theme song, “Maybe This Time”, is simply amazing. Her true vocal talent is really expressed well in this song and went along perfectly with the movie. The song is entirely in English but regardless of language it is a truly beautiful song. You can listen to it in the video above which is the music video for the song as well. The best part of it was that there were English subtitles for us folk who are not quite so fluent in Tagalog. Overall, I would really recommend this to people of all ages. I loved it, and I watched this with my mom and she loved it as well. If you’d like to watch a Tagalog movie full of cheesy romance, a love triangle, and, of course, tear-jerking scenes, then give ‘Maybe This Time’ a try!