DIY: Regular Tee turned Cropped Muscle Tee

      So lately I’ve been getting back into my DIY kick, and now that Spring is finally here, I’ve been really feeling muscle tees. They’re just so comfy yet the silhouette and cut still keeps it looking stylish! This is a pretty basic DIY, and only requires three things: a shirt, a pair of scissors, and a steady hand. It just makes for an easy casual everyday shirt or workout/lazing around shirt which is probably what i’ll use this one for. I’m just a sucker for the pink tie-dye and bold lettering so I just couldn’t not play around with this shirt!


^^Ignore my lovely polka dot PJ shorts!

DIY: Dip-dye/Ombré Studded Jumper

DIY Dip-dyed Jumper / White tank (F21) / Studded cross necklace (F21) / Cross tights (Topshop) / Black platform lace-ups (Mom’s c:)

Please ignore my messy room LOL I’m still packing……..
So I’ve been wanting to do this DIY for a long time now, and after recently seeing multiple photos of jumpers like this retailing for at least $40-$80 I finally just said OKAY I’M DOIN THIS MYSELF. It’s literally the perfect comfy sweater to wear on lazy fall/winter days that doesn’t make you look like a slouchy hobo.  
 I thrifted this white knit men’s jumper for about $7, and then I bought a 100pk of cone studs and some Tulip-brand purple fabric dye. The total cost of this jumper?? 17 BUCKS. That’s a steal compared to those whacked-out, overpriced ones online, and the best part is that I got to customize it to how I want it to look like. And I still have a bunch of cone studs left over to DIY some other projects too! This is definitely gonna be one of my go-to pieces for fall/winter.

Seems legit: DIY Dripping Chanel muscle tee

I love this DIY it just makes me laugh. My mom laughed the first time she saw it! She said it looked really cool though. I basically just printed out a giant dripping chanel logo and then made it into a stencil. Then I just painted over the stencil with white fabric paint. I did the same for the wording on the bottom. This black shirt is actually my Jonas Brothers concert t-shirt that I hacked the sleeves off of from waaaay back in the day like eighth grade! It’s like a kids-size large so it’s slightly form-fitting but oh so comfortable. Definitely one of my favorite shirts right now.