Adventures in Korea Series: Intro

I recently came back from a 2-week trip to Korea, spending time mostly in Seoul and Jeju-do. I can’t even begin to put into words how utterly life-changing my experience was…..but I shall try! 

The sights across Korea’s different regions were simply awe-inspiring. They’re the kind that make you want to stand in the midst of it all hoping to take the best mental snapshot of that very moment–from the time-warping juxtaposition of seeing Gyeongbokgung Palace against the towering modern skyscrapers of Seoul, to the vast volcanic landscape of Jeju-do, and more.

The food was incredible. Of course, the Korean food was phenomenal, but what surprised me was how good the pasta dishes were! Who knew you could find delicious Italian food in Korea?? More details on that in a later blog post…:)

But there is nothing quite like the kindness of the Korean people. For a first-time traveler to Korea, I’ve encountered many kind and friendly people during my stay. Of course, there’s always going to be some irritable ajummas/ajussis/other folk that you may run into, but show kindness and a smile to the local peeps that you meet, and I bet you they will more than likely show that same kindness back. It helps of course if you can read and speak Korean or if you have a local to show you around, but please do brush up on basic conversational language and manners before you come here 😉

I vlogged my experiences throughout my entire trip, so look out for those videos to get rolled out within the next several weeks. I’ll also be writing a series of posts about my travel experiences like my favorite foodie spots, cafes, what I packed and what I bought, etc. So stay tuned!

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