Katventures: Bay Area Pun-Off

It’s seriously an amazing feeling to be surrounded by a warm community where you feel like you have a safe space to speak your mind. That’s what I found when I attended my first ever pun-off. 


What’s a pun-off you might ask? Well, it’s a glorious gathering of people doing pun stand-up, pun games, and more.

Fun fact about me: I love puns. That’s just my cup of tea (or you could say that fits my humor to a TEA/TEE 😉 20161209_210932Don’t worry, save your slow clap. It was already enough to be around some of the Bay’s most talented and pun-tastic people who share that same sense of humor.

I had a great experience and definitely think it’s worth the trip to the eccentric Mission district of SF for a night of pun, er..fun (wait what?)

Anyway! Want an inside look into what’s in-store at a pun-off? Check out this short 1-minute video clip I took at the event:


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