Settling out into the post-college world can be a scary thing. In the almost 9 months I have been done with school, it’s safe to say it just feels like I’m floating out at sea just kinda…going with the flow of things. Quite literally, graduating felt like being a baby just thrown into a pool for the first time. It’s sink or swim. 

But this is all a part of growing up, I suppose. I’ve now grown to find it more empowering for the most part rather than terrifying to be making my own adult decisions, planning for the best or the worst and figuring the rest out as they unfold.

As for my blog, The Street Kat, this is one piece of my life which I’ve got a firm decision to never give up. Though, it’s clear I’ve had some trouble figuring out how I get my blog to fit into my life as it is (it makes me sad to think about the past couple months of this blog).

So, it’s time to get organized and committed! Since post-college life isn’t necessarily bookend-ed by class schedules, clear deadlines, and academic checkpoints, I started to just make my own schedule (All hail Google Sheets!). Sure, I’ll still need to be holding myself accountable for sticking to it, but better to have it written down rather than saying “ah yeah I’ll get to it tomorrow for sure.”

I’ve put so, so much of my passion and effort into this blog in the past, and it’s time I kept that up. This is truly not the last you’ll hear from me, and I’m so excited to dive back into this and get back to creating more content for you all for real.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!


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