Styling: Lucite Heeled Ankle Boots

I’ve had my eye on these clear (otherwise called lucite in fancy terminology) heels for a long time now, but the pressure of saving money as a postgrad seemed to have been holding me back from snatching up a pair for myself. You know what though? Sometimes you just hit that point where you need to treat yo-self, girl! It’s never good to be all work and no play because where’s the fun in that? Retail therapy anyone? So I did just that, and I found an affordable option at that!

These off-white colored booties from Public Desire have seriously been my go-to out-on-the-town shoes. Don’t let the lack of platform and daunting heel scare you; these babies have been good to me for day-long adventures around downtown Seattle–hills and all! Sometimes I feel like a stumbling baby giraffe in heels, but these shoes definitely surpass all baby giraffe-dom in walkability.

These are no shoes you want to hide underneath some baggy pants or a maxi skirt. Even though I wore some boyfriend jeans in this outfit, I rolled my jeans up a little higher to leave a peak of skin between the pants and the shoes so that these heels are truly highlighted. I also made the rest of the outfit very dark with a pop of brown from my shearling vest for some warmth and color-matching with the off-white color of the boots.


So how would you guys style this trend of lucite heel boots? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Shoes: Public Desire / Jeans: Levis / Shirt: Zara / Vest: Thrifted / Backpack: JustFab

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