I’m published in CollegeFashionista!

Hello and welcome! The following articles are writing samples I am including in my portfolio that were published online during my time as a Style Guru Intern with CollegeFashionista from Fall 2014 to Spring 2015. I created the writing as well as photography content using Adobe Lightroom as a photo-editing software.

Style Guru Style: White’s Up

All In The Details: Black Is The New Black

Style Guru Style: Coffee and Cardigans

All In The Details: Spring Vibes

Style Guru Style: Shades of Gray

All In The Details: On Monday’s, We Wear Grunge

What To Wear: Library

Style Guru Style: Cut It Out

Style Advice of the Week: Sweet and Simple

What To Wear: Class

All In The Details: A Whole Latte Love

Style Guru Style: West Coast’s Best Coat

Style Guru Bio: Katrina Odfina (2)

Style Guru Style: Simple and Clean

All In The Details: Hello High-Low

What To Wear: Cold Weather 

Style Advice of the Week: Keeping it Casual Chic

Style Guru Style: That’s Meshed Up

Style Guru Style: Not Your Average Boyfriend Jeans

Around Town: Scarlett Hao

Style Advice of the Week: Keeping Up With The Kimonos

What To Wear: Day and Night

All In The Details: Totally Textured 

What To Wear: Presentation

All In The Details: Altitude Adjustment

Style Guru Style: Back in Black and White

Style Guru Bio: Katrina Odfina

4 thoughts on “I’m published in CollegeFashionista!

    1. Hi Georgie! 🙂 All you need to do is apply to be a Style Guru intern for your college campus at collegefashionista.com. Once you’re accepted, you’ll start taking photos of your campus street style and writing articles about it to be reviewed and published by a CollegeFashionista editor! Love your photos btw!

      ❤ Kat

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