UW Phi Sigma Pi Goes to Olympia

For my COM 360 class, we were assigned to practice taking journalistic photos and creating cutlines. So, I took my handy DSLR on my honors fraternity’s trip to the capital of Washington, Olympia. Though this is little different from my posts, I thought it would be fun to share. Here’s what I came up with!

Photo: 12719225_835032576623595_3734214526987847983_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Medium shot, Rule of Thirds

Cutline: A UW student admires the intricacy of the Friday afternoon shadows on the sundial in front of the Washington State Capitol building. A group of students from the UW honors fraternity Phi Sigma Pi accompany her on this educational trip.


Photo-Composition Principle: Long-range shot, Framing

Cutline: Two UW students find their eyes wandering out of curiosity at the magnificence that is the State Capitol building during their honors fraternity outing last Friday.  

Photo: 12697108_835033166623536_428455519774872540_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Long-range shot, Balance

Cutline: A group of UW students from Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity gaze out over Capitol Lake as the sun makes a gorgeous mid-afternoon appearance over the skies of Olympia, Washington.


Photo: 12711046_835033273290192_3203611676828371745_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Medium shot, Simplicity

Cutline: Students from the University of Washington’s National Honors Fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, take in the surroundings of the nature outside Olympia’s State Capitol building.

Photo: 12710741_835031456623707_7357703576953025470_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Medium shot, Framing

Cutline: Former Washington State Capitol intern and current UW student, Eric Hemmen, leads his fellow honors fraternity brothers down the halls of the Capitol while on an educational tour.

Photo: 12716338_835031146623738_6114300483469728423_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Medium shot, Leading/Diagonal Lines, Simplicity

Cutline: A gold statue shines among an array of flags as light pours beautifully into the Washington State Capitol building on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Photo: 12747284_835033379956848_5186823907364511596_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Medium shot, Leading/Diagonal Lines

Cutline: University of Washington student and politics aficionado, Eric Hemmen, explains the Washington State Police Memorial to his fellow students who were on a trip this past Friday to the State Capitol in Olympia.

Photo: 12710727_835033109956875_8598371962556172727_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Long-range shot, Rule of Thirds

Cutline: A rare winter day in Olympia, Washington this past Friday features clear, blue skies and warm sun rays. The view of Capitol Lake and its surrounding suburbs stretches out seemingly infinitely underneath this beautiful sky.

Photo: 12694927_835033966623456_2211436092210497809_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Long-range shot, Rule of Thirds

Cutline: A group of University of Washington students observe the George Washington obelisk structure in the courtyard of the Washington State Capitol building this past Friday. The students are on an educational student organization trip to learn more about politics in Washington State.

Photo: 12719391_835034276623425_6922404332417148687_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Close-up, Leading/Diagonal Lines

Cutline: A University of Washington student checks under the hood of his honors fraternity brother’s car in preparation to jump-start it. The car broke down after the student organization’s visit at the Washington State Capitol this past Friday.

Photo: 12694908_835031893290330_3094293947763050876_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Medium shot, Leading/Diagonal Lines,

Cutline: Shadows from the expansive and intricate window frame of the Washington State Capitol foyer room

Photo: 12657378_835033439956842_898240291145005266_o

Photo-Composition Principle: Close up, Balance

Cutline: Two students from the University of Washington take photos of the gorgeous view of Olympia’s Capitol Lake during the sunny afternoon we had this past Friday.

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