How To Be Single + a GIVEAWAY!


Though I may not be single this Valentine’s Day, personal reflection and the new How To Be Single movie with Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson has inspired me to write this post on how to do “single” the right way (at least in my opinion).

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Being single seems to hold such a stigma in today’s society when, really, it’s the prime time for you to shine. Sure, after a breakup, it’s understood that it might take some time to heal, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect yourself. Life is way too short to spend every day moping around and dragging your feet over something that didn’t work out. Go out there and enjoy each day understanding that things happen for a reason and see all of the relationship lessons you learned that you can make a change with in the future.

Step 1: Try something new all on your own and be a boss at it.

Own it! Self-confidence is a sensitive and tender part of the self, especially when you’re single. Resist the urge to depend upon others to help boost your self-esteem when you’re down because that’s a dangerous path you don’t want to head down. Being single is a great time to learn to be strong on your own, and the best way to remind yourself of this goal every day is to immerse yourself in a creative outlet sort of project that you are solely in charge of. Find whatever your passion is and do something with it! This can be blogging, taking photos, volunteering, starting a business, whatever your heart desires! The Street Kat was born after I ended a relationship, and, let me tell you, this blog has given way for my confidence in myself to truly bloom because it makes me feel like a Girl Boss (shoutout to Sophia Amoruso!).

Step 2: Be yourself and get comfortable in front of a camera.

Whether it’s taking selfies or doing photoshoots, there comes an exhilarating rush when you start to work it in front of the camera, and that rush goes straight to boosting that self-confidence. There is no shame in having self-confidence, and, in fact, people will find it more attractive when you have strength and belief in who you are inside and out. Don’t be afraid to expose yourself to the public sphere and simply put yourself out there for potential judgment. Learn to be totally comfortable and accept that it’s human nature to judge, whether that be positive or negative, but that shouldn’t stop you from loving who you are.

It was a great challenge for me when I first started doing photoshoots to overcome my uncomfortableness in front of the camera, but I worked really hard to get past that hurdle. Working with friends who are photographers was a great platform for me to get comfortable working with professional photographers/photographers I didn’t know previously.

Step 3: Understand that your life should be about you. Make yourself proud.

Don’t center your life around dating or finding your next boothang. Most often, the right person will come along when you’re not spending every second looking for someone to “talk” to. If you’re constantly working on improving yourself and being the best version of yourself you can be, only then will you attract the right people (dating-wise and even friends-wise).

I’m definitely in no way an expert in this field, but this is just what I have personally learned in my dating life thus far. Valentine’s Day or not, you should always strive to be the best you can be and enjoy your life. I mean, look at how Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson enjoy and learn from their singleness in their new movie, How To Be Single, coming out on February 12. It’s a hilarious movie full of the single feels and I can’t wait to watch it myself!

And now…for the giveaway…

If you’re interested in winning a How To Be Single prize pack including TICKETS to watch the movie, comment below with your email, where you’re writing from, and one piece of advice you’d give on how to be single.

This giveaway is restricted to local readers in the Seattle/Puget Sound area. My deepest apologies to all of you who don’t live around here! The giveaway closes at MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, JANUARY 29. I will pick TWO winners then and notify you each by email so do check your mail that weekend. Best of luck to all of you entering the giveaway! ❤

2 thoughts on “How To Be Single + a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Angeline, from Seattle here! Hmm I’m not good at handling being single, but I guess my greatest piece of advice would be to do whatever you felt you couldn’t during your last relationship. For the past year, I wanted to cut my hair short, but my ex loved long hair. I even resorted to using hair extensions! Right after the relationship ended, I chopped half of my hair off and even cut my extensions. FREEDOM haha 😀


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