The Red Room


Ah yes, so this is how you incorporate color into your grayscale outfit shoot.


Sweater + Dress: Jessica Simpson

Photos by Amy Kim Photography

I love a good bodycon dress that fits just right like this one by Jessica Simpson, but sometimes I just don’t want to feel too fancy in a tight-fitting dress when you’re just chilling or going to class. When in doubt, balance it out with opposites. In this case, I threw on this slinky gray Jessica Simpson sweater. Nothing says casual like a slouchy sweater!

Truth be told though, it is way too cold at the moment here in Washington for just a dress and a sweater, so adding another layer in the form of a well-insulated feather-down coat would be ideal. Mind you, this photoshoot was done a couple months back (admittedly). I apologize for slacking a little bit on posting! I PROMISE I’ll try to keep up with TSK more frequently from now on this new year. I do post regularly on my Instagram though so definitely follow me there for more frequent updates! Prepping for postgrad life and finishing up my last quarter of college has kept me busier than I thought. Shameless plug, but check out my latest project that I’ve been working at Artemis Solid Fragrance. It’s a student startup I helped create as a part of the Creating a Company class at UW. I’m the designated CMO and sole webmaster/eCommerce manager so I would appreciate any support or feedback you can give me and my team! We have a high possibility of carrying on the business past graduation!

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