Runnin through the 206 with my woes


This is that nasty flow. 

_MSL8466_MSL8427 _MSL8442 _MSL8445 _MSL8454 _MSL8473_MSL8508_MSL8513

Photos by MSL Photography

Cap: DIY // Top: F21 // Skort: Adidas // Backpack: JustFab // Shoes: Adidas Originals

So ever since I was young orcas have been one of my favorite animals. They’re just so cool, man! I saw a cap exactly like this online for $25, which sounded really ridiculous to me–I can make that myself! And so I did. It’s literally just an iron-on and plain cap simple as that. I just love DIYs because they makes me feel so accomplished and it’s yet another great outlet of creativity for me. I centered this entire outfit around the monochromatic and quirky vibes I get from this dope cap. Does this count as sports luxe? Either way, I slapped on my fave Adidas gear and a handy-dandy pleather backpack by JustFab. I finished the look off with this grid pattern top to add an edgy, geometric touch.

Also I hope everyone had a memorable Halloweekend and stayed safe! And now it’s midterm time…aka time to face real life. I have a lot of posts and photoshoots on the backburner right now which is both good and bad because I have content to post but little time to create the posts themselves. I promise to get back in that blogging groove though!

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