Jumpin’ Jumpin’


How exactly does one find inspiration? For me, it’s in the littlest things–like that nice person that smiled at me on the bus today or the fact that I’m able to spare some time in my busy schedule to sit here in this adorable coffee shop right now to write this post.


Jumpsuit: Jessica Simpson // Heels: Gift from Michelle from Greece

Photos by Kai Sotto

Sorry for the slight hiatus by the way! I’ve been cycling through school, work, gym, social activities, clubs, watching dramas, etc. which isn’t typically a big deal for me to handle on top of blogging, but I’ve been lacking inspiration for a while now, and there’s no clear explanation why.

The main driving force behind my random hiatuses is that I don’t ever force myself to write. I’ve tried, and I know we can all relate to this in school when I say that when you’re forced to push your creativity and imagination past its limit, things never read out as nicely as they do when you’re passionate about what you’re writing.

Lately, however, I’ve been experiencing a rejuvenation of my inspiration and it feels awesome. A lot of this confidence in my creativity is thanks to the work my partner and I have been doing for the Jessica Simpson Campus Manager Program. To be a part of something like this that’s especially within the field I want to pursue in the future feels absolutely amazing. I really thank my manager Emily and the entire YMC and JS crew for giving me this opportunity because it assures me that I’m on the right path. So if you’re at one of the ten schools where we’re executing #JessicaOnCampus events, please do come out and support the brand!

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