Be YOUnique


Do you ever have those deep, philosophical tangents late at night? For me, inspiration like this always strikes in the late hours when I can write solely by the moonlight.

Top: Free People

Photos by MSL Photography

What’s currently been racking my brain is how whenever I have spells of feeling down and out about life, I realize that it’s usually just all in my head. It’s crazy how you can become your worst enemy, when in reality you know that who you really are is someone with big dreams and a big heart. Sometimes I end up comparing my life with others, or rather, how I perceive others’ lives to be, thinking my life has got to be different and like theirs somehow–like I have some sort of standard or expectation to live up to.

I’ve come to understand that the bare truth is that the perceived reality is hardly ever equal to actual reality. We’ve got to embrace the uniqueness that is our life because not one single life here on this Earth is the exact same as another. Most of the time, we’re actually really happy with how our lives are in their present state, but it is just society’s norms and the like that threaten that inner contentedness.  So don’t try to live what you think someone else’s life is like, love and live your own unique life.

All corniness and clichedness aside…don’t ever be ashamed or afraid to just be, well, you! Be YOUnique! I mean, we’ve only got one life to live, so why not live it up and not be afraid to stand out from the crowd?

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