NYC VLOG: NYFW’15 x #JessicaOnCampus

This past week, I went on a trip to New York City with 19 other girls from all across the country for the Jessica Simpson Campus Marketing Manager Program. It’s really amazing how the Internet can connect you with opportunities that you would never imagine you would get, and I feel blessed every day knowing that the hard work I put in can take me places.

From attending the 10th Anniversary Collection Launch Party for the Jessica Simpson brand to touring her clothing line showrooms, it was an experience I will never forget. This glimpse into life working in the fashion industry only serves to further my passion and commitment to achieving my career goals and dreams.

I feel so proud to be representing a brand comprised of such talented and stylish individuals. For all my Huskies out there, look forward to some fun and fashionable events we will be putting together this Fall quarter!

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