_MSL7781As summer draws to a close once again, all the carefree, chill vibes start to grow more precious. My summer has been filled with lots of writing blog posts, doing photo shoots, hanging out with old and new friends, and, most importantly, preparing for my last year of school before I enter the adult world.  

_MSL7795 _MSL7797 _MSL7800 _MSL7802

Photos by MSL Photography

Dress: Brandy Melville // Shoes: Converse

It’s crazy to think that this is the last summer break of my life! Thus, this has been a summer that I have cherished dearly (and, admittedly and without regret, a little lazily). I mean, after this summer ends, I already know that it will be time for me to first supercharge my life efforts to make something of myself so that all these years of schooling don’t go to waste!

And If there’s one thing I’ve learned about keeping up with my blogging schedule this summer, it’s that writing should come straight from the heart. Just like how in school if you’re writing an essay about the inner mechanisms of a lawnmower when you’re totally not interested in talking about lawnmowers, if you really want a great end result you can’t force creativity. So if I’m not feeling inspired to write, I just continue to go about my life and do things that makes me happy until I feel the urge to spill my mind. I mean, I’m even writing this as I wait in line at my local Walmart!

So with this newfound understanding and appreciation for accepting naturalness and chillaxing about life, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with any clothing with soft fabric as of late. This buttery soft T-shirt dress is so comfy to wear, and I know it’ll come in handy for those upcoming lazy morning classes. How’s that for a back-to-school outfit? I am most definitely a senior now!


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