I’m Officially A Jessica Simpson Campus Marketing Manager!

If there’s one thing that I’ve always dreamed of, it has been to work in the fashion industry. Now, I have been given the opportunity to work under Youth Marketing as a Campus Campaign Manager for Jessica Simpson. As I near the end of my college career,  I can’t help but feel this surge of joy well up within me now as I take my first steps to achieving my goals.

Photos by Kai Sotto

 Sweater Cardigan: Nordstrom // Shoes: Jessica Simpson

When you say you want to work in the fashion industry, you always hear the warnings that it’s a cutthroat and competitive world and that it’s all about who you know, but, when you think about it, what industry isn’t? To me, fashion and blogging is an element of my life which I’m truly passionate about, so I’m all the more excited and ready for the challenges and tribulations to come. As for money and self-sustainment, I firmly believe in the concept that working in a career that you are passionate about can lead to dedication and hard work where the money will simply follow.

In this new phase of my life in which I will be one-half of a team of two organizing marketing tactics on campus at UW, I will surely not forget my dear blog, of course! If anything, we shall be seeing more and more of each other as my fashion shenanigans continue to grow.

What’s more is that this opportunity that I’ve been given has allowed me the chance to work with a brand which has built its success upon relatable clothing fit for every type of fashionista out there as well as affordability and comfortability–like this pair of nude heels by Jessica Simpson. I’ve had these since the beginning of college, and they’ve never failed to be one of the most comfortable and go-to platform heels for nights out on the town. In short, Jessica Simpson isn’t your typical transient celebrity brand, and that’s something I really admire and am proud to be a part of.

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