A True Street Cat

StreetKat Grunge

Anyone remember that OG internet cat video? Classic. This one’s from this Kat to you.StreetKat Grunge  HxF-StreetKat-105



Photography by Hex F Productions

Choker: Amazon / Arm chain: Earthbound Trading / Bracelet: Ebay / Top: Etsy / Dress: Cotton On / Shoes: Dr. Martens

We’ve all felt it. That summer stagnancy that hits right around this time. Lately, I’ve been getting that inner wanderlust itch which only serves to increase my restlessness. One thing I do regret a lot is not applying to study abroad during my college career. My hopes are to do so on my own within the professional realm in the years to come. I figure I should do so while I’m still young! I don’t know where it comes from exactly, but it’s just something that I feel is calling me. Right now, it’s privately in the works, but you can count on my blog to stay tuned for updates on my coming adventures!

It’s just really amazing how much your life perspectives change within your early 20’s. All that I concretely know is, wherever life takes me I’m fully present and ready to enjoy the ride!

❤ Kat

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