It All Comes Full Circle


Could this be the end of an era??

_MSL0483 _MSL0515

Photos by MSL Photography

Top: Brandy Melville / Jacket: Thrifted / Boyfriend Jeans: Gap / Shoes: Converse

Having the freedom of coloring my hair whatever I want with no school dress code or job standards is one of the most freeing feelings ever. These past six months of playing around with my hair color has been loads of fun. Seriously. Looking down and seeing strands of pink and purple hair is so surreal, man. While I just recently dyed my hair purple at the ends, I’m slowly starting to get tired of the ombré style and “fashion color” hair (believe it or not!). I still love my current hair so, so much as well as all other crazy mermaid hair that’s all sorts of colors, but lately I’ve been largely inspired by more simplistic, natural looks and styles.

For the longest time I’ve done a cat-eye, but as of late I’ve been experimenting around with that no makeup-makeup look. And now, I’d like to formulate my next hair adventure along the same concept–just one solid, natural brown color. So while I will still keep and love and cherish my current purple locks, let it be known that this is the end of my colored hair era. Will it be the end all be all of my crazy hair color experiments? Pft, are you kidding? Of course not! We’ll see where the road takes me, but for now, brown hair, you are next on my hair radar!

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