When TV Dramas Take Over


 Oh y’know. Just your average girl thing.

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Photos by MSL Photography

Necklace: Earthbound Trading / Shoes: Zara

Most of us have been there. Especially if you’re like me, you’re no stranger to the trap of letting a TV drama completely take over your life. Every free minute in between episodes is spent waiting for the next episode to air. Everywhere you go you’re most likely preoccupied with dreaming about your OTP and when they’re finally going to stop beating around the bush and get together. If you’re not watching reruns of the last episode, you’re probably watching YouTube videos of your OTP. In short, it basically becomes your life.

Currently, this for me is a Filipino teleserie called Pangako Sa’Yo. I won’t spoil any of the plot for you guys so just check out the wiki summary, but this series is SO good that it’s actually a remake. Yep, this drama already happened back around the early 2000s, but they’re bringing it back again with a round of fresh, young, and (not to mention) HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE(!!) cast of characters featuring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The fact that this love team is a couple in real life definitely feeds my obsession. I’m telling you guys, watch a couple episodes and you will be HOOKED.

So if you don’t hear from me, that’s what I’m doing. Just kidding. I promise that all TV drama obsessions aside, this blog is my baby and I stay dedicated to it.

….but seriously check out Pangako Sa’Yo the Remake. PEACE!

❤ Kat

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