City Girl


There’s just something about juxtaposing contrasting visuals._MSL4068


Photos by MSL Photography

Head crown: Earthbound Trading / Dress: Hand-me-down+DIY / Sandals: Chicwish

What’s a summer without going boho style? Now, I have no qualms about being short and I love my height, but sometimes it gets hard to find dresses with the right fit. That’s why I took this dress that was just a tad too long to be an A-line and a tad too short to be a maxi and just haphazardly cut it to give it a rugged asymmetrical look to help elongate my legs. I love a good DIY to help get my creative juices going!

I actually did this shoot a month ago with Michelle right in the U-District. I know, where have I been?? Well, if you haven’t read my last blog post, I’ve been busy relocating, so expect a flood of older shoots to get posted for the next couple of weeks! In reality, it wouldn’t make much of a difference when it was taken, but the fact is…..I got my hair color done AGAIN! Check it out on my IG @thestreetkat 🙂

❤ Kat

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