90s Chick


Summer brings out the inner wanderer in me.

_MSL2323 _MSL2341 _MSL2343

 Photos by MSL Photography

 Socks: American Apparel // Shoes: Adidas Originals // Dress+Flannel: Secondhand

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of a young woman in her 20’s, there comes a time when you need to just give yourself that time to sit back and relax for some R&R. Even when it seems like you have no time, just make time. Because you deserve it. Do something different to change up the routine for a nice refresh! Lately, I’ve been loving going out for a run or walk to explore different parts of the city. I just pick a direction and go for it. This is why I’ve been wearing sneakers more often just in case me and my friends want to go on a spontaneous adventure. Some of my new favorite neighborhoods to explore in Seattle have been Capitol Hill, Wallingford, and Green Lake. I took a 7 mile run to (actual) Green Lake a couple weeks ago and WHOO it was a doozy but it felt so good! I swear guys, the more I wander around Seattle the more I fall in love with it.

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