White Out


“Didn’t anyone tell you this was an all-white party?” Shoutout to all my White Chicks fans.

_MSL0402 _MSL0412 _MSL0415 _MSL0422 _MSL0425

Photos by MSL Photography 

Dress: H&M // Platform Sandals: Chicwish

I’ve always loved the easy pop of color which my pink hair gives to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. And I know, I know. Having pink hair is kind of an “out-there” thing since it’s not a natural color (although wouldn’t that be so sick if it was). If anything, having colored hair has given me that extra challenge to just be comfortable with myself in public. Now, I don’t mind if it makes people do a double-take or if people ask me why I dyed it this color. I just love it and it makes me happy to be able to have fun with my hair! I figure I should take advantage of this time and opportunity while I’m young, right? Sometimes I get people who tell me “Oh sorry, I’m not that fashionable” when in reality being “fashionable” is a fairly relative thing. You obviously wear clothes, and that’s fashion enough to me. My theory is that if it makes you happy to wear this or that or color and style your hair a certain way then do it. (Just make sure it’s not offensive to anyone in any way!) Other than that, you’re solid. You do you, boo boo.

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