Certified Workaholic


 This one goes out to all you werkaholics out there.

Outfit-1  Outfit-3

 Photos by MSL Photography

Knit tank: Missguided // Sweater cardigan: H&M // High-waisted pants: Topshop // Platform sandals: JustFab

It seems like the latter half of my college career has supercharged my life into overdrive. I just feel like I have so much energy to draw from to keep work, work, working my butt off so I can make something of myself. And it’s a completely invigorating (yet exhausting) feeling! Whether it’s waking up in the wee hours of the morning to head in early to work or taking that one required class that only has one available section that’s at a really inconvenient time, I feel compelled to do it all. These days when I do have some spare time, I find much comfort in sitting in a cafe with a friend and a few macarons plus an iced chai on the side (otherwise I’m finding comfort in making myself into a burrito in my bed).


I think when it comes to being an adult, you come to realize that the reward comes not in the form of someone else slapping a gold star on your forehead, but rather, it comes from within. When I’m finally able to crawl myself into bed at night and rest my weary eyes, I find that I can do so with such utter bliss. Knowing that I’m accomplishing so much for myself as well as for others, it brings me so much happiness that it really doesn’t matter how exhausted and sore I am from all the go, go, go.

I just remember all those times in the past when I would have those classic philosophical showertime meltdowns wondering how I was going to make it. Now, I feel like a runner in a marathon emerging from a dark tunnel to find the finish line gleaming right in front of me. Only, the race doesn’t stop there. The grind never stops! There’s just so many goals I have lined up for the years to come.

So for all y’all workaholics out there, keep WERKING towards your goals. Except don’t be the stereotypical workaholic who devotes 1000% of their efforts solely into their career. What helps keep me sane is making time to spend with some awesome friends, talking to my family, and staying updated on my YouTube (Pewdiepie and Star Spangled Banner fails are some of my go-to insta-laughs).

So in the words of a fine, young gentleman named Wiz Khalifa, “Work hard, play hard.”

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