Lips Like Kylie Jenner: MAC Whirl Dupe


Documenting my struggle to find the lip pencil made famous by Kylizzle, MAC’s Whirl, ultimately leading me to a spot-on dupe!


I’ve never been too big on lip products, but after seeing all this commotion about Kylie Jenner’s iconic lip color, I had to hop on this trend and give it a shot for myself. Besides, I just love the natural mauve color she uses!

Word on the web is that she uses Mac’s lip pencil in Whirl, and so my hunt began. Unfortunately, at all the Mac counters and stores I visited, they were completely sold out. One of them hadn’t even gotten shipments of it in months. I was so bummed! Luckily, one of the Mac makeup artists suggested a lipstick+lip pencil combo which is supposed to be exactly the same color scheme, and that was MAC’s Long-Lasting Lip Liner in Beurre and MAC’s Lipstick in Faux.



I absolutely LOVE this combo! I’ve been wearing these two lip products nonstop almost every day, and it’s safe to say that I’ve converted to a lippie person all thanks to Beurre and Faux. I admittedly only slightly overdraw my lips to achieve that plush lip look which Kylie is known for. I say slightly because I can’t bring myself to do it to the magnitude to which she overdraws her lips. But, that’s just me!

So if you’re unable to get MAC’s Whirl like me and want to get a more readily available option to achieve those iconic Kylie Jenner lips, you should definitely check out MAC’s Long-Lasting Lip Liner in Beurre combined with MAC’s Lipstick in Faux!

So tell me, what other Kylie Jenner lip alternatives have you guys found?

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