2 k00l for school


Today, we’re throwing it back to my old Catholic school uniforms. And you know what that means–plaid. skirts. This time, with a grunge-y Seattle twist!


Photos by MSL Photography

Cropped sleeveless turtleneck: American Apparel // Plaid skirt: Thrift // Shoes: Diba

Okay, I have to admit. It’s hard to get me back into plaid after going to Catholic school for years, but, for some reason, the Seattle grunge girl in me just needed to give this skirt a try after spotting it at La Mode’s annual clothing swap. That’s typically how I build my outfits anyways–I find a piece which I’m just itching to wear and just go from there!

Thus, I kept up with this grunge-y schoolgirl vibe and, of course, broke out the knee-highs. I’ve been seeing lots of loose turtleneck styles trending lately, so I added this burgundy cropped turtleneck from American Apparel which also accented the burgundy outlines on the skirt. For warmth, I shrugged on a speckled knit cardigan and I was good to go.


It was so much fun shooting this look with my friends at Volunteer Park! Though it was a chilly and windy day, we had lots of fun exploring and taking photos around the park. It’s actually a pretty huge park that’s smack in the middle of a suburban Seattle neighborhood. Actually, (fun fact!) it’s right next to the cemetery where Bruce Lee is buried. It’s a beautiful place for a springtime stroll in the park or perhaps a picnic (when the weather gets a bit warmer, of course).

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