Pink Dream


Taking a breath of fresh, pastel-y air from all the monochrome that’s been on trend lately.


Photos by MSL Photography

Sweater: Romwe // Asymmetrical Sleeveless Button-Up: Cotton On // Shoes: Converse All-Star

With all the monochrome that’s been everywhere in the fashion world lately, I realized that I’ve accumulated a TON of black clothing. While black will always be a timeless, chic color, I wanted to create a look that had much more dainty and feminine colors.

I dug up this pink distressed sweater from my neverending sweater collection (hey you can never have too many sweaters, right?). To add a little bit of pep, I wore my asymmetrical sleeveless button-up and just popped the collar out from under my sweater. For kicks, I had to go with my classic white high-top Chucks to continue along with the light color scheme.

I love this look because it’s so breezy and comfy for spring weather when it’s sunny out but you still get that cool breeze. I don’t know about you guys, but I am so ready for the Spring/Summer seasons! This outfit definitely gets me in that bright, spring mood (even though it still feels like winter here in Seattle…)!

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