YouTube Addictions

It is seriously impossible for me to go to sleep or get out of bed without watching at least a couple YouTube videos. I pretty much fall asleep with a video playing while my phone is still in my hand.


 BUT lately, I’ve been majorly hooked on one special, little channel called…

Sorted Food

So when I’m back home and watching TV, you can almost always count on me to be watching the Food Network. Since we don’t have access to TV programs at our apartment, I was so stoked when I found the Sorted Food channel. Basically, it’s a bunch of hilarious and quirky British guys cooking it up in the kitchen. If that’s not enough to catch your attention, then I don’t know what else can! They do lots of experimental recipes and are so entertaining to watch as they joke around with each other. The main cook, Ben, always seems to get made fun of in every episode, some way, somehow. I love watching their videos while I’m eating too because it enhances my eating experience (You laugh now, but just try it and see!). From making donuts to the tune of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars to constructing a giant PB&J sandwich with Chester See, Sorted Food is one channel that easily got me hooked.

So tell me, what’s your Youtube Addiction? 🙂

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