L’ère du Lilas


The era of the lilac. AKA the start of my new hair journey with lavender ombre hair.

IMG_3939 IMG_3945 IMG_3954  IMG_3963


Photos by MSL Photography

So this past weekend, I took the plunge and decided I wanted to try my hand at turning my brassy ombré hair into something along the lines of a pastel lilac ombré. Let me tell you, it was one seriously grueling process that included lots and lots of tears (from the repeated bleach stench searing my eyes, okay). Despite it being hard work, I’m really, really happy with how it turned out! It’s been a refreshing change from the natural ombré which I’ve had for over a year now. If you guys are interested in how I achieved this hair color myself without paying hundreds of dollars to go to the salon, I’ll be making a super detailed post soon on everything I did!

Since my high school didn’t allow any “unnatural” hair color, I’ve never really had the chance to play with any color in my hair. I realize now that having colored hair (plus my fashion OCD) means basing your outfit on the color of your hair. Luckily, I’ve been really into neutral, monochrome color schemes lately, so that hasn’t been much of an issue.

I recently picked up this floppy sun hat at Brandy Melville during my last trip home to the Bay. And yes, I’m fully aware that it’s winter and that Seattle doesn’t quite see as much sun this time of year as  California. However, I see it as that the functionality of this accessory isn’t its only driving factor. Especially because it’s in black, I find that floppy hats add a little extra pizzazz to any outfit. It can also technically protect you from the rain. Plus, I’m a California girl at heart. I can’t help but mix California and Seattle styles together! But, regardless of all of that, to every single one of you out there, if it makes you happy, wear it and rock it, chica. Don’t ever feel pressured to not fully express yourself and your own personal style! Do you.

But I digress. I’ve been gravitating towards lots of white pieces as of late because they truly put the focus on my new hair color. That’s why I went with this white, cinched blazer from H&M. I wore this abstract-painting-like top from Zara which my mom actually got for me (shoutout to my style-savvy mama!). To bring this look down to more casual vibes, I wore these DIY ripped-at-the-knee black jeggings (hey, they’re comfortable!). I’ve been seeing so many trending pants out there that are distressed at the knees, but, since it’s a rising trend, the prices for these pants are mostly ridiculously high for a college student to afford. So, clearly, the only solution for me was to just do it myself! For shoes, I’ve been living in my Dizzy Brand Chelsea rain boots because it has been raining lightly on and off here in Seattle.

I wore this outfit to La Mode: Fashion Club at UW’s Pre-Valentine’s Day Social. It was such a blast making V-Day cards, taking photos, and hanging with my fellow officers as well as some new faces. If you’re a UW student interested in fashion or just interested in hanging with some really dope people, come check La Mode out! We’d love to get to know you and get you involved!


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