Feline It

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.41.21 PM

So I’m really FELINE this comfy and casual outfit…get it? *crickets*

DSC_0222DSC_0206  DSC_0209 DSC_0218

Photographer: MSL Photography

 Okay, let’s be real. Denim is just not an ideal fabric for pants in the winter. That’s why, this season, I’ve been majorly obsessed with my Nike joggers. They’re basically a step up from your average sweatpants because of their tailored fit. To go along with the casual feel of this outfit, I wore this ultra comfy cropped tee from Topshop. For a little pizzazz (who really uses that word??), I chucked on my thrifted leather jacket. And yes, that is a Knicks 50th Anniversary pin on the collar (originally my dad’s); alongside a pin from a dance competition I did back in 2006. I figured it would add a little more personality to a truly classic piece. To finish off the look, I slipped into my Jordans which are unbelievably comfy to walk up and down the hills of campus with compared to all the boots I’ve been wearing lately. Unfortunately, they have already felt the wrath of Seattle weather. This kills the inner Filipino/Illipino inside of me. However, it was only raining lightly today! But, the streets were definitely wet and seriously all I could think about was this vine by Jerry Purpdrank:

So yes, you best believe I was tiptoe-in in my Jordans.

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