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There is nothing like the feeling of buying something you’ve worked for with your hard-earned money. My latest spoil is none other than this pair of sick matte white Doc Martens. I just love the stark contrast between the black laces and the smooth white surface of the shoes. The key to the most comfortable wear of these shoes is to wear some thick knit socks so that your feet don’t consistently hit the signature tough AirWair leather.

I wanted these shoes to be the highlight of this outfit, so I went along with the contrasting theme and chose to pair them with my satin-finish leggings which were a gift from a friend who went to Korea (Thanks Monica!). I layered up on the top to beat the winter chills and wore my distressed rose sweater from Romwe over a tank topped with my warm (and waterproof) leather-sleeved jacket from Laundry. To tote along my books to class, I shrugged on my shimmery black backpack by American Apparel. This backpack is best for those days when you only have a light load to take.

Breaking in Doc Martens is notoriously a grueling process, so this outfit was perfect to ease that transition. I mean, I worked hard and earned these boots so I might as well wear them through! Beauty is pain, right?


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