Walking in a Winter Wonderland



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Alright ladies and gentlemen. It is officially chilly enough here in Washington to break out the fleece. I recently picked up this lovely fleece vest because I had nothing like it in my closet. It piqued my interest because I noticed that warm vests over long-sleeves are a popular style here in the Northwest. When I asked one of my friends why, she replied that it helped retain just the right amount of heat in your body without making you sweat from—well, to put it bluntly—your armpits. This vest right here is a more stylish option that you can trade your puffy vests for.

The fleece provides a nice thick layer to shield your body from those winter chills. I also find that fleece tends to add a cute and cozy feel to a look. I paired it with a simple white knit sweater for some added warmth. To offset my cutesy vest, I donned a pleather skirt, tights (for warmth), knee-highs, and my fave pair of pointed flats from Steven by Steve Madden. Layering is a key tool of fashion to utilize in the winter, and it doesn’t mean you have to look bulky by layering either! I chose a pleather skater style skirt because of its a-line and the fact that it cinches at the waist to go against the straight fit of the vest. So don’t be afraid to play with varying lengths, fits, and structures to transform your winter outfits from bulky to beauty!

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