My Top 5 Most Addicting iPhone Apps

So you’ll probably regret reading this. Because these five iPhone apps have seriously taken over my life. Interchangeably using these apps on the daily has become a regular routine of mine. But all jokes aside, these apps are so fun and addicting, and I’m here to share them with you today.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard to me is essentially the puberty of the app world. As a news app, it’s what makes me feel more like an adult and connected with the world. You can basically customize news to read on one single platform. The easy and simple user interface is what makes this app so awesome. With a simple swipe up or down of your finger, its just like flipping through a newspaper (except easier and free)! You can subscribe to your favorite news sources and even connect your Facebook and Twitter news to your feed as well. Sharing interesting articles has never been easier with Flipboard. I can easily tweet an article or share it on Facebook for all my friends and followers to read. I just love how up-to-date this app keeps me anytime and anywhere!

4. Polyvore

Oh my…Polyvore. Every online shop-a-holic’s paradise manifested in the form of a mobile phone application. I love Polyvore because it creates a customized feed for me to browse through things like clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. via an initial questionnaire. Did I mention that the products in your feed span from all different shopping sites so you can compare prices of similar items?? There’s also a feature where you can put together a virtual outfit from pieces you find on Polyvore. I have yet to utilize this feature but I love looking through other people’s Polyvore outfits to see how certain pieces can be put together in a look. But, the main reason I love going through my Polyvore feed is for outfit inspiration and keeping up with the latest trends (not to mention for online shopping as well!). Perfect for the shop-a-holic in me!

3. Unblock Me

Now, I usually get bored easily with iPhone games after a while. Unblock me was one of the first game apps which totally captured my attention. This app has been out for years, and I actually found out about it because I saw my friend playing it. Its basically a puzzle-type game where you have a bunch of different lengths of rectangular blocks in a square. The point of the game is to get the one red block out of the square by sliding all the other regular blocks around. I love these thought-provoking, mind-boggling puzzle games. It’s so satisfying when you finally get that one red block out, and that’s why this app is so addicting!

2. Hyspherical

This is one of the newer game apps I’ve gotten, and it. is. so. frustrating!!!! Yet addicting! That’s the ultimate conundrum, right? You’re supposed to add spheres into rotating circles without letting them touch. Once you complete the puzzle and get all the spheres in rotation together, this game also becomes extremely satisfying.

1. TwoDots

Hands down my all time favorite iPhone game app of all time. This app has become a staple in my nightly bedtime routine. The game appears as a grid of multi-colored dots, and the goal is to get rid of a certain amount of a color, anchor, or ice block. If you connect four of the same color dot in a square, it gets rid of any dot that color. It’s so addicting I pretty much play whenever I have some free time. At almost level 200, I guess you could say I’ve pretty much become a pro TwoDots player! What I love about this game is that it really gets my wheels turning in my mind. So if I need to get my creative juices flowing or simply feel more alert and awake, I just whip out this game. TwoDots is a definite must-try game that I recommend to anyone who enjoys puzzle-solving!

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