Crave greasy pizza no mo! ….+ a health/fitness life rant

Okay so I’ve realized that ever since I started college I definitely haven’t been going through the same weekly routine I’ve been going through for practically my whole life–sports for 2 hours+dance for 2-3 hours 5-6 days a week. Like…..I never realized just how active I was and I guess that was why I was able to eat so unhealthy my whole life. I seriously never wanted to eat fruits or veggies and I always ate fast food and candy and chips and I’d sometimes just make cake batter just to eat the bowl of cake batter (kinda gross-sounding I know…..but hey you try a taste of your favorite cake batter and see just how deliciously addicting it can be!) I would always eat all these processed foods like snacking on pepperoni, eating a hot pocket for breakfast, pizza pockets for lunch. I remember my senior year every single school day I’d get pizza at the cafeteria! I literally never drank water either–only if I was forced to because it was the only thing available like a water fountain at cross country practice or dance practice. I treated Simply Lemonade and soda as my water. But now……sadly……I’ve learned the very very hard way that I may not be able to stay quite as active as I was before college; therefore, I can’t be eating half a box of frosted flakes for a snack and heating up a bag of pizza rolls for lunch every day. But these are all habits that I definitely needed to change regardless of whether or not I wanted to make a conscious effort to stay in shape or not! It’s all about keeping your body strong and healthy as you grow older. So conclusively, I need to at least change my diet to where I eat preferably only foods that have substantial nutritional value and try to stay as active as I was before college!

So anyway, back to the point I was trying to make! I have a soft spot for a steamy, fluffy, crispy pizza but I can’t be craving it all the time! I’ve been addicted to original flavor Go Raw flax snax for several weeks now because they’re so low calorie per serving (180cal for 22 pieces!), but today I was opened up to a whole new world.


If I want a pizza, I just turn to these very easily filling dehydrated pizza-flavored snacky goodness. Oh my gosh…….it seriously tastes exactly like a crunchy piece of pepperoni! The fact that it’s high in dietary fiber and has a good amount of protein fills you up, making you crave pizza less. And the additional fact that it tastes JUST like pizza satisfies your craving even more! No worries! Guilt-free “pizza” snacking.

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