DIY: Dip-dye/Ombré Studded Jumper

DIY Dip-dyed Jumper / White tank (F21) / Studded cross necklace (F21) / Cross tights (Topshop) / Black platform lace-ups (Mom’s c:)

Please ignore my messy room LOL I’m still packing……..
So I’ve been wanting to do this DIY for a long time now, and after recently seeing multiple photos of jumpers like this retailing for at least $40-$80 I finally just said OKAY I’M DOIN THIS MYSELF. It’s literally the perfect comfy sweater to wear on lazy fall/winter days that doesn’t make you look like a slouchy hobo.  
 I thrifted this white knit men’s jumper for about $7, and then I bought a 100pk of cone studs and some Tulip-brand purple fabric dye. The total cost of this jumper?? 17 BUCKS. That’s a steal compared to those whacked-out, overpriced ones online, and the best part is that I got to customize it to how I want it to look like. And I still have a bunch of cone studs left over to DIY some other projects too! This is definitely gonna be one of my go-to pieces for fall/winter.

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